The Python Papers Edition One

Stephen Hansen shansen at
Thu Nov 23 05:40:12 CET 2006

> 3.) Can I have an HTML version?
> A) No, we like it pretty.

The interesting thing is, there's nothing in your layout or format that you
can't do with some nice standards-compliant HTML and CSS. It could look
identical as HTML-- and be significantly more "reachable" by people, easier
for them to use and read, link to, and so on and so forth.

Plus you could stick some Google adwords ads on it :)

But, really... if you're eventually wanting this to be a
printed/published/mailed sort of thing, I can understand why you'd want to
do it as a PDF... but you will be limiting your audience in the meantime. A
lot of people just find it too tedious and difficult, and if your goal is to
reach people and communicate....

Why not do both? Might take a bit more work-- but the layout you have isn't
that hard to do in HTML, and there's gotta be a way to html2pdf... I've
never wanted to, but there has to be. =)
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