cPickle problems

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Mon Nov 20 20:11:15 CET 2006

Jeff  Poole wrote:
> > Jeff -
> >
> > Sorry not to reply sooner, I have been out of town with limited access to
> > c.l.py.  Also, I didn't really pick up on "cPickle problems" as a
> > pyparsing-related post. :)
> >

Choice of keywords is important -- for example, "Excel" always grabs my
attention. In this case, the keyword the OP should have used is not
"cPickle" but "re"


> >
> > -- Paul
> Paul,
> No problem, I think we've both been busy with other things.  I was
> actually going to post something on the PyParsing wikispaces since I
> wasn't sure if you checked here.

I suggest that the OP take his googler back to the shop he bought it
from; it is severely damaged.


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