About alternatives to Matlab

Brian Blais bblais at bryant.edu
Sat Nov 25 17:57:30 CET 2006

Phil Schmidt wrote:
> I'd love to use Python, but I'm not comfortable with the hardware side
> of that. I'm certain that most, if not all data acquisition hardware
> comes with DLL drivers, which I could interface with using ctypes. I'm
> concerned though about spending more time messing around with the
> hardware interface than it's worth.
> Do you have any experience with this side of the Matlab replacement
> question? How about anyone else? Any recommendations?

Unfortunately, no I don't have experience with the hardware end of things.  One can,
both with c-types and with pyrex, very easily use existing C libraries so if there is
a C-API, that shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry for not being much help!



              bblais at bryant.edu

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