file backup in windows

k.i.n.g. nkanthikiran at
Wed Nov 22 10:13:51 CET 2006


I am a newbee programmer and started of with python recently. I am
trying write a script which backups outlook (.pst ) files everytime I
shutdown my system. I have writtern following code after some findings
on net. My .pst file path is as follows

" c:\documents and settings\060577\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Outlook "
where 060577 represents username. I want my script to identigy the user
logged in and go to the resp outlook folder or should be able to read
outlook store directory path from registry and the copy the files to
the desired path.

how can i make the following code work, I have probelm with filepath
import os, shutil
filepath = ' C:\\Documents and Settings\\060577\\Local
Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\* '
backup = ' D:\\temp\\outlook '
os.system ("xcopy /s %s %s" % (filepath, backup))

Thank you,

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