Ioannis Vranos ivranos at
Sun Nov 12 14:06:03 CET 2006

OS: Scientific Linux 4.4 ( which is a Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux 4 derivative (, like CentOS (, 
White Box Linux ( etc.

Python version built and installed from sources: 2.4.4.

I am trying to install BitTorrent 5.0 prerequisites, and when I am trying to install 
wxPython-common-gtk2-unicode-, I am getting the message that it 
requires python(abi):

[root at localhost download]# rpm -ivh wxPython-common-gtk2-unicode-
error: Failed dependencies:
         python(abi) = 2.4 is needed by wxPython-common-gtk2-unicode-

[root at localhost download]#

I have found in some message logs, that it is a pseudo-requirement, but where can I 
download this for Python 2.4.4? (The Python version that comes with my distribution is 
currently 2.3.4).

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