Programmatically replacing an API for another module

Tom Plunket tomas at
Wed Nov 22 02:00:32 CET 2006

Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:

> > I've got a bunch of code that runs under a bunch of unit tests.  It'd
> > be really handy if when testing I could supply replacement
> > functionality to verify that the right things get called without those
> > things actually getting called, since frequently those calls take a
> > long time to execute and do things that, well, I don't really want to
> > do.
> Congratulation, you just rediscovered the MockObject.

How do I rediscover something that I'm explicitly implementing?  I had
set out specifically to mock an API, there was no rediscovery going

That does allow me to discover via Google the Python Mock Module,
though, which may well do what I want:

from TestedModule import *

my_win32file = Mock({
   'CopyFile': 'CopyFile called'

win32file = my_win32file


I'm just a bit loathe to download and install more stuff when
something simpler appears to be near-at-hand.  ...especially
considering the page describing this module doesn't offer any download


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