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John Coleman jcoleman at
Fri Nov 3 15:27:05 CET 2006

John Coleman wrote:
> Robert Kern wrote:
> > John Coleman wrote:
> > > Maybe I don't know what I'm looking for, but I downloaded Enthought a
> > > few days ago and don't seem to find MinGW on my system. There are 2
> > > relatively small (totalling about 13 kb IIRC) *python* files deeply
> > > buried in the distribution with mingw in their filename but nothing
> > > like a gcc compiler. I've mostly used visual studio or code warrior for
> > > C compiling, so again - maybe I don't know what I am looking for.
> >
> > It is in c:\Python24\Enthought\mingw32\, IIRC (I don't have it in front of me).
> > Add c:\Python24\Enthought\mingw32\bin\ to your PATH environment variable, and
> > gcc.exe should be executable.
> >
> I have no such sub-directory. I'll try an uninstall-install. When I did
> the original installation the installer hung at the end and I had to
> manually close it. The Python interpreter was there and worked properly
> and all of the goodies like numby and chaco were there so I wrote it
> off as nothing more then a failure to close properly, but evidently I
> missed an essential part of the installation.
> -John Coleman

Problem fixed. I had clicked on the 10-05-06 download (thinking that
enthought_setup-1.1.0.msi led to the set up the full enthought
package), but this is evidently only a partial download. I tried it a
second time with the same results, but perhaps I wasn't using the
"browse and install" option correctly (clicking that button on the
enstaller caused a lot of files to be transfered, but there didn't seem
to be any real list to browse). In any event, the August download
worked like a charm and had it all, including mingw. Thanks for your

-John Coleman

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