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Fri Nov 24 20:18:14 CET 2006

>  .... 
>  SQLite3 data bases created via the command line
>  and those created using the python2.3-sqlite package
>  version 1.0.1-2 from within a Python program 
>  are  not  compatible with each other .... 
>  If I create an SQLite3 data base from the command line
>  and populate it with data, then I cannot use that db
>  from Python .... 
>  If I create an SQLite3 data base from within Python
>  and populate it with data, then I cannot use that db
>  from the command line .... 
>  ....

   This problem is occuring under Debian GNU/Linux Sarge 
   using Python 2.3 ....

   This morning for a sanity check on myself
   I installed SQLite3 and PySQLite2 on a Win2K box
   running ActiveState Python 2.4 ....

   The only things that I had to change in the Python code
   for creating tables, inserting data, and querying the db
   that I'm also using under Debian were the import lines ....

     from .... import sqlite

     to ...... from pysqlite2 import dbapi2 as DB

   Using this setup under Win2K everything works as expected .... 

   That is SQLite3 data bases created either via the sqlite3 
   command line or from within Python are 100% transparent,
   and no errors are produced .... 

   I'm now off to look for a version of PySQLite2
   that is built for Debian Sarge and Python 2.3 
   to see if that might help to rectify the problem ....    

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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