The Python Papers Edition One

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Sat Nov 25 15:25:08 CET 2006

Maurice LING wrote:
> As Steven mentioned -- anything you can read is copyrighted. The
> difference is whether is the copyright effective or enforceable. What do
> I mean by this? Without copyright, there will not be plagarism. Ask
> yourself this question, can you copy William Shakespeare's MacBeth and
> submit it as a literary work for a Master of Literary Arts degree? I
> believe the candidate will be expelled from university. William
> Shakespeare's MacBeth is still copyrighted work but not "enforceable"
> because it is pre-1900's work and the author had been dead for more than
> 50 years. Similarly, works in public domain are still copyrighted --
> academically, using work in public domain without attribution (giving
> credits in the form of citations) is still plagarism.

This is very, very incorrect. :-)

You're mixing your own moral ethics with an incorrect understanding of
what copyright means...


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