Finding skilled pythonistas for micro-jobs?

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Mon Nov 20 21:20:22 CET 2006

Beliavsky wrote:

> I have gotten some Python tasks done at
> Progammers are cheaper outside the U.S. and Western Europe, and you can
> get a lot done for even $100.

I've done a project on RentaCoder (as seller) even though it was not
Python-related. I needed to do quite a bit of search to find a suitable
project. As in, something quick, that I could do in my spare time. What
I found funny is that, with only one project, I've got a better ranking
than +90% of the site's registered coders. They're either not bothering
to get projects after registration or are not completing them

There are many projects that do not have a clear scope or are underpaid
($50 for an Amazon-clone). And there are people taking those.

In Brazil, $100 is what programmers earn for two days worth of work, on
average. Even then, I don't even try to compete with Indians, as they
are basically asking for spare change.


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