pdb question

tac-tics tactics40 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 23:22:58 CET 2006

Strange. It seems to be working just fine now. Maybe I wasn't waiting
for all the symbols to be defined before setting my breakpoint.

On Nov 26, 2:41 pm, Fredrik Lundh <fred... at pythonware.com> wrote:
> tac-tics wrote:
> > In the Python debugger (pdb), how do you designate breakpoints at the
> > start of methods?
> > I've tried:
> > break methodName
> > break class.methodName
> > break object.methodName
> > but none of these seem to work. What is the trick?define "seem to work".
> the "className.methodName" and "object.methodName" forms seem to work
> just fine to me (assuming that the class or object has been defined, of
> course).
> if nothing else works, you can use the line or file:line syntax.
> </F>

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