The Python Journal

tleeuwenburg at tleeuwenburg at
Fri Nov 3 05:14:30 CET 2006

Thanks all for your comments. A number of people have mentioned the
click-difficulty of getting to the journal. I'll work with the
publisher to make that happen, otherwise I may be able to manually edit
the front page to include a link to the latest version.

It's great to have people visiting already. I'll respond to the other
specific comments shortly, but just thought I'd say, "we're

The python error is due to my inability to typeset python well within
OpenOffice. I used "enscript" and some helper tools to create the
graphics, but have since discovered that a cut-and-paste from Eclipse
does a *much* better job. Expect better code snippets from the next

-T (editor-in-chief)

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