Processing Solid Edge objects

olive ocollioud at
Wed Nov 29 13:41:47 CET 2006

It would help if you could give an exemple of .par and .asm file.

Is it human readable, XML ... ?

Is there any other import/export file format provided ?

Maria R a écrit :

> I consider using Python to process Solid Edge .par .asm etc objects.
> Solid Edge provides a pretty rich documentation and tutorials.
> Still, when trying it out, using PyWin32, I get somewhat frustrated.
> So, I hope for someone out there to be willing to share experiences.
> The objective is to automate generation of customer specific machine
> elements from project spec's.
> In particular, we wish to be able to use .par files as templates and,
> by
> taking a copy and changing attribute values, instantiate components
> to be used in an assembly.
> The end result shall be a complete construction structure from which,
> among many things, customer doc's drawings and Bill Of Materials are to
> be
> extracted.
> //M

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