lxml/ElementTree and .tail

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Nov 19 15:55:27 CET 2006

Uche Ogbuji wrote:

 > The fact that the XML Infoset is hardly used outside W3C XML Schema,
 > and that the XPath data model is far more common, and that focus on
 > the serialization is even more common than that is a matter of
 > everyday practicality.

everyday interoperability problems, that is.  yesterday, someone 
reported a bug in Python's xml.dom because he couldn't get it to 
serialize the string " " as " ".  earlier today, someone
asked how to work around an XML parser that didn't understand
namespace prefixes.

> And oh by the way, this thread is all about *your* customer's
> complaining.

from what I can tell, it was *your* customer posting FUD about a 
different library, not my customer asking for help with a specific 
problem.  this is free software; people who use a piece of software 
count a *lot* more than people who don't want to use it.

 > This is not one fo those times, so this is probably where I get off.

I'll be looking forward to your next O'Reilly article.


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