Problem with imaplib (weird result if mailbox contains a %)

Antoon Pardon apardon at
Tue Nov 28 14:26:21 CET 2006

This little program gives IMO a strange result.

import imaplib

user = "cpapen"

cyr = imaplib.IMAP4("")
cyr.login("cyrus", "cOn-A1r")
rc, lst = cyr.list('""', "user/%s/*" % user)
for el in lst:
  print "%r" % (el,)

And the result is:

'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/Out"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/Punten"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/Spam"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/agoog to be"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/artistiek &- kunst"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/copains et copinnes =x="'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/cp &- writing"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/examen"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/important info (pass)"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/lesmateriaal"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/love &- flesh for fantasy"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/media"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/music &- beats"'
('(\\HasNoChildren) "/" {25}', 'user/cpapen/newsletters %')
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/organisatie &- structuur"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/sociale wetenschappen"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/the closest ones to me [x]"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/vubrations"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/wm2addressbook"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/wm2prefs"'
'(\\HasNoChildren) "/" "user/cpapen/wm2signature"'

What I have a problem with is the 14th and 15th line.
All other entries are strings but the 14th is a tuple.
and the 15th is an empty string. As far as I can tell
every time a "%" is in the mailbox name I get this kind of

I'm using python 2.3.3 and the imap sytem is Cyrus.

Can someone explain what is going one?

Is this a bug?

If it is, is it fixed in later versions?

Whether or not it is a bug, can I rely on the mailbox
being the last item in the tuple in these cases?

Antoon Pardon

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