python GUIs comparison (want)

timmy timothy at
Sun Nov 5 06:18:20 CET 2006

Mudcat wrote:
> I have been using Tkinter for several years now. Recently I have been
> thinking about switching to something else that may have a sharper
> appearance. However I'm not sure what that may be, and if that
> something else is *that* much better than what I'm already using.
> Does everyone agree that wxPython looks best on Windows? I've also read
> in a couple of places where Dabo looks pretty good as well.
> So if someone were to pick a UI that gave the best appearance, what
> would they choose?
i've been using wxpython for a few years and it's great.
it's got far better widgets then tkinter and it's speed is greater on 
large stuff as well.
it's got a great support forum and the maintainer robin dunn does a 
great job of answering all questions.
i can't particularly fault wxpython. it looks great on all platforms and 
maintain the native look and feel of the platofrm as well.

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