why would anyone use python when java is there?

gavino bootiack at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 09:19:09 CET 2006

gregarican wrote:
> gavino wrote:
> > wtf
> You have to be trolling I would think. For most people I think they
> would like to code in Python if they had a personal choice. But for
> professional reasons they are likely forced to code in Java because of
> the sheep mentality of the large corporate drone-dom that's out there.
> To me, languages such as Smalltalk, Python, and Ruby allow the problems
> to solve themselves in code that's easier to read and requires less
> verbiage. Meanwhile all of Java's semicolons, curly braces, and
> syntactical hoops leaves my fingers tired and my eyes crossed.

I want to learn to program and I can't seem to pick a direction.  A
java guy I know makes a lot of $, but a lot of reading I have done
shows lisp smalltalk and haskell to be really nice, as well as of
course python.  It seems python is 4/5 way to lisp yet has a lot of
people using it for practical things.  I also hear that it dominates in
leaving readable code behind it.  Am I listening to too much marketing
from non dominant tools?  I hear again and again how java is just
putrid.  My instict says learn something like scheme but my smal
experience sees only java people making money.. aggkk!!

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