SE 2.3 temporarily unavailable. Cheese shop defeats upload with erratic behavior. Urgently requesting help.

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Nov 3 19:27:23 CET 2006

jim-on-linux wrote:
> On Friday 03 November 2006 08:21, Steve Holden 
> wrote:
>>Frederic Rentsch wrote:
>>>jim-on-linux wrote:
>>>>I've been trying to get back into my package
>>>>in the Cheese Shop for over a year. The
>>>>phone company changed my e:mail address and
>>>>to make a long and frustrating story short I
>>>>can't get back into the Cheese Shop to make
>>>>changes to my file.
>>>>Time is money.  At some time you have to
>>>>consider if it is worth it.  At least you
>>>>have the name of your program listed.
>>>>I wish I could be more helpfull. I'll watch
>>>>the responses you get from others.
>>>>Good Luck,
>>>>On Thursday 02 November 2006 09:00, you wrote:
>>>>>Some time ago I had managed to upload a
>>>>>small package to the Cheese Shop using the
>>>>>data entry template. Uploading is in two
>>>>>steps: first the text then the package
>>>>>file. When I had a new version it went like
>>>>>this: The new text made a new page, but the
>>>>>new file went to the old
>>>Thanks for letting me know that I am not
>>>alone. Do you know of an alternative to the
>>>Cheese Shop?
>>Surely the correct answer to this problem is to
>>get the Cheese Shop fixed, not to migrate away
>>from it? To whom (besides this list) have you
>>communicated the problem, and with what
> I emailed and emailed,  I got one response but 
> nothing changed.
> I suggest that the Cheese Shop also forward copies 
> of help request to a site like this or similar. 
> At least the sender knows that someone will read  
> the email and help is on the way.
> Also, my guess is that before these postings of 
> the last few days, 65% of the people on this site 
> never heard of The Cheese Shop,  Postings like 
> these can only help The Cheese Shops.       
> jim-on-linux
>>Remember that is run by volunteers,
>>but they are mostly highly capable volunteers.
>>This is probably just a change situation that
>>wasn't anticipated in the design (we all make
>>A simple change of email address could probably
>>be achieved by tweaking the data for one or two
>>individuals, and an automated solution should
>>clearly be added as volumes build up.
>>For now, how about a link that causes someone
>>to receive email? I'd be surprised if this
>>couldn't be used to handle low-volume changes
>>with adequate security.
I am forwarding this mail to the group that maintains the web site.

Note that

like most pages does have a "report web site bug" link. I'm 
not sure whether this requires you to register for an account, as I know 
that Trac spam has been a problem, but there are ways to get the 
attention of the site maintainers (besides posting on, where 
basically you are hoping that a webmaster or someone who knows the 
webmasters will see your message).

webmaster at is another good address to remember ;-)

Anyway, I hope this gets the issue addressed. No promises, though: 
remember that all webmasters are volunteers.

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