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Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Nov 7 18:26:18 CET 2006

At Tuesday 7/11/2006 13:24, Sorin Schwimmer wrote:

>I'm trying to use the smtplib - I did it so many times already. The 
>import statement fails, as the
>SMTP name cannot be imported. Digging more, I found that SMTP fails because
>email.base64MIME cannot be imported (ImportError:No module named base64MIME).
>I don't understand why, as the file is in the right location, has 
>the correct access rights (I'm on
>Linux), and it's content is not corrupt. I also tried to import 
>email.__init__ and end up with the same error.
>The only way that works is to navigate to the email directory and 
>perform the import base64MIME there.
>What may have happened?

I bet you have an email.py somewhere in your sources...

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