determining the bounds of a tuple returned from a database

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Fri Nov 17 07:07:16 CET 2006

here is my result.
How do I determine the number of tuples in this array, returned from a
mysql database?

How do I determine the number of characters or entry in each tuple?

thanks very much for your assistance,


(('Agricultural subsidies; Foreign aid',), ('Agriculture; Sustainable
Agriculture - Support; Organic Agriculture; Pesticides, US, Childhood
Development, Birth Defects; Toxic Chemicals',), ('Antibiotics,
Animals',), ('Agricultural Subsidies, Global Trade',), ('Agricultural
Subsidies',), ('Biodiversity',), ('Citizen Activism',), ('Community
Gardens',), ('Cooperatives',), ('Dieting',), ('Agriculture, Cotton',),
('Agriculture, Global Trade',), ('Pesticides, Monsanto',),
('Agriculture, Seed',), ('Coffee, Hunger',), ('Pollution, Water,
Feedlots',), ('Food Prices',), ('Agriculture, Workers',), ('Animal
Feed, Corn, Pesticides',), ('Aquaculture',), ('Chemical Warfare',),
('Compost',), ('Debt',), ('Consumerism',), ('Fear',), ('Pesticides, US,
Childhood Development, Birth Defects',), ('Corporate Reform,
Personhood (Dem. Book)',), ('Corporate Reform,  Personhood, Farming
(Dem. Book)',), ('Crime Rates, Legislation, Education',), ('Debt,
Credit Cards',), ('Democracy',), ('Population, World',), ('Income',),
('Democracy, Corporate Personhood, Porter Township (Dem. Book)',),
('Disaster Relief',), ('Dwellings, Slums',), ('Economics, Mexico',),
('Economy, Local',), ('Education, Protests',), ('Endangered Habitat,
Rainforest',), ('Endangered Species',), ('Endangered Species,
Extinction',), ('antibiotics, livestock',), ('Pesticides, Water',),
('Environment, Environmentalist',), ('Food, Hunger, Agriculture, Aid,
World, Development',), ('Agriculture, Cotton Trade',), ('Agriculture,
Cotton, Africa',), ('Environment, Energy',), ('Fair Trade (Dem.
Book)',), ('Farmland, Sprawl',), ('Fast Food, Globalization,
Mapping',), ('depression, mental illness, mood disorders',), ('Economic
Democracy, Corporate Personhood',), ('Brazil, citizen activism, hope,
inspiration, labor issues',), ('citizen activism, advice, hope',),
('Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Drugs',), ('Community Investing',),
('Environment, Consumer Waste Reduction, Consumer Behavior and
Taxes',), ('Hunger, US, Poverty',), ('FERTILITY, Women',),
('Corporatism, Environment',), ('Economic Democracy, Corporate
Farming',), ('Economic Democracy, Inspiration',), ('FEAR
(Fearlessness)',), ('Federal budget, military spending, foreign
cultural exchange programs',), ('Fish Farming',), ('Fish population,
commercial fishing industry',), ('GMO, BT Cotton',), ('Food borne
Illness, Water',), ('Food Charity',), ('Food Charity, Urban Farming',),
('Food Consumption, Luxury',), ('Food Cost, international',), ('Food
Disposal, Waste',), ('Food stamps, eligibility for',), ('Food,
expenditure on',), ('Foreign Aid',), ('Genetics, Food, Agriculture,
International',), ('Global Policy, Bush Administration',), ('Global
Trade, food',), ('Global Trade, free trade, clothing',),
('Globalization',), ('GMO, SACTO Protests',), ('GMO, Wheat, trade',),
('Happiness and income',), ('Health Care - Spending',), ('Hope',),
('Hope, inspirational quote',), ('Human Cloning',), ('Hunger',),
('Hunger, income',), ('IMF, Argentina',), ('IMF, failings',),
('Inequality',), ('INEQUALITY, GLOBALIZATION, POVERTY',), ('Inequality,
Globalization, Latin America',), ('Inspiration',), ('Junk Food',),
('Junk Food, Soft Drinks',), ('Junk Food ,Children, Education,
Media',), ('Junk Food, Education, Children, Nutrition',), ('Junk Food,
Global, Coke',), ('Junk Food, McDonald\x92s',), ('Junk Food,
McDonald\x92s, Global',), ('Junk Food, Soft Drinks, Water',), ('Junk
Food, Education, Nutrition, Childhood Illness',), ('Junk food,
Nutrition, Schools',), ('Labor',), ('Labor Issues, Agriculture,
Sustainable Agriculture Support',), ('Labor Issues, Employee
Ownership',), ('Land Reform, Brazil, Infant mortality',),
('Livestock',), ('Meat',), ('Meat, Brazil, Soybeans, Deforestation',),
('Meat, concentration',), ('Meat, Recalls, Contamination',), ('Meat,
Recalls',), ('Media',), ('Microloans',), ('Military Spending',),
('Nutrition Programs, School Meals, Snapple',), ('Nutrition,
Finland',), ('Obesity',), ('Obesity, Childhood',), ('Obesity,
Africa',), ('Organic Food',), ('Obesity, Global',), ('Obesity, related
illnesses',), ('Obesity, related illnesses, children',), ('Oil',),
('Organic Agriculture',), ('Organic Agriculture, Growth',), ('Organic
Agriculture, Nutrition',), ('Organic Agriculture, Productivity',),
('Organic food prices',), ('Community',), ('Corporate Concentration',),
('Community Gardens, Urban Gardens',), ('Pollution, Air, CO2
emissions',), ('Population, Water',), ('Poverty, Aid',), ('Poverty,
World Bank, Hunger',), ('Organic Produce',), ('Organic Produce,
Farmer\x92s Markets, CSA Community Initiatives (Dem. Book)',),
('Pakistan, Education, Poverty, Terrorism',), ('Pesticides',),
('Pollution, US',), ('Population, Women',), ('Poverty, Labor Issues',),
('t2',), ('Agriculture, Subsidies, Farming, Ranching, Government,
Livestock, Cattle',), ('School, Farmers\x92 Fresh Produce Food',),
('School, Fast Food, Lunch Programs',), ('School, Fast Food, Lunch
Programs, Harms',), ('Citizens Groups',), ('Public Health, Bacteria',),
('Violence, Impotence',), ('Private Food Aid, Food Stamps',), ('Prison
Rates, Race',), ('Produce, Nutritional content of produce, Historical
Perspective',), ('Public Opinion',), ('Slavery',), ('Solar, Renewable
Energy',), ('Suicide',), ('Sustainable agriculture, Moringa tree',),
('Sweatshop Labor',), ('Tax Cuts, George W. Bush',), ('Economic
Democracy (Dem. Book)',), ('Tobacco',), ('Toxic Chemicals',),
('Trade',), ('Trade, Agricultural Raw materials',), ('Trade, Coffee',),
('Trade, Cotton',), ('Trade, NAFTA, Mexico',), ('Vegetarianism',),
('Veterans\x92 Benefits',), ('Violence',), ('Violence, Media,
Children',), ('Water',), ('Water, Privatization',), ('Welfare
Reform',), ('Wind, Renewable Energy',), ('Words',), ('World
Population',), ('World Bank',), ('Grassroots, Community, Living Wage,
Poverty',), ('Subsidies',), ('Protest, Action',), ('Nuclear Power
Plants, Emissions',), ('Media, Fear, Religion, George W. Bush',),
('Consciousness, Change',), ('Peace, Security, Oil',), ('Globalization,
Inequality, Commodity prices',), ('Water, Corporate',), ('Consumerism,
Developing Nations',), ('Nuclear Power, Wind Power',),
('Sustainability, Hope',), ('Ozone, CFCs, Chlorine, Atmosphere',),
('Hydrogen, Emissions, Ozone',), ('Water, Pesticides',), ('Iraq,
Military, Health',), ('Toxic Waste Reduction, Toxic Waste Disposal,
Environmental Regulation, Recycling Electronics',), ('Shareholder
Advocacy, Social Responsibility, Community Investing (Dem. Book)',),
('Fair Trade',), ('Genetically Modified Food, Africa, USAID, ISAAA',),
('Sustainability, Progress',), ('Sustainability, Human Rights,
Globalization, Corporatization',), ('Agricultural Subsidies,
Agricultural Policy',), ('Agricultural Subsidies, Farmers',), ('Cotton,
Rice',), ('Agricultural Subsidies, Farmers, Livestock',),
('Agricultural Subsidies, Prices',), ('Food scarcity, Hunger, Urban
Agriculture',), ('GMO farming, Toxic chemicals',), ('Hunger,
Children',), ('Hunger, Food Insecurity',), ('Inspiration, Corporatism,
War',), ('Inspiration, Economic Growth',), ('Land Vacancies, US Land
Reform',), ('Local agriculture, Local produce, Nutritional content of
local produce',), ('Local produce, Urban agriculture',), ('Pakistan,
Religion, Education',), ('Pharmaceuticals',), ('Privatization',),
('Public panic, Altruism',), ('QA rewrite: citizen activism,
corporatism-environment, hope, inspiration',), ('Wal-Mart, Food
Stamps',), ('Socially Responsible Investment, Banking and Environmental
Initiatives',), ('Terrorism, Suicide Attacks',), ('Agriculture,
Corporate v. Family Farming',), ('Depression, Health',), ('Depression,
Health, Employment, Work, Employee',), ('Self-Interest, Vote,
Altruism',), ('Animal Feed',), ('Corporate Reform (Dem. Book)',),
('Economic Growth',), ('Corporate History, Globalization',),
('Agriculture',), ('Environment, Public Opinion (Dem. Book)',),
('Illiteracy, poverty',), ('Military, Arms Sales',), ('Agriculture;
Agricultural imports; Global trade',), ('Africa; Foreign aid; Third
World debt; Loan forgiveness; Jubilee',), ('Foreign aid; Military aid;
Development aid; Humanitarian aid',), ('Foreign aid; Development
assistance',), ('Agricultural Subsidies; Foreign aid; Cotton subsidies;

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