forwarding *arg parameter

Tuomas tuomas.vesterinen at
Mon Nov 6 13:37:17 CET 2006

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Sun, 05 Nov 2006 22:51:00 GMT, Tuomas <tuomas.vesterinen at>
> declaimed the following in comp.lang.python:
>>I fylly agree with tis: "Typically, the responsibility should be on the 
>>CALLER, not the CALLED..". I just don't know how to unpack *arg for 
>>calling g. I can get the len(arg), but how to formulate an unpacked call 
>>g(arg[0], arg[1], ..). Building a string for eval("g(arg[0], arg[1], 
>>..)") seems glumsy to me.
> 	Did you miss the example I gave? Using "*args" on the "def"
> essentially says "pack remaining arguments into one tuple". Using
> "*args" on a CALL says "UNPACK tuple into positional arguments"
> def f(*args):	<<<< pack arguments into tuple

Thats it:

> 	x = g(*args)	>>>> unpack args tuple when calling

Yesterday I tested something like this and got a syntax error. So I got 
misunderstanding that "g(*args)" is'nt a proper syntax. Obviously my 
test sentence had some other syntax error. Sorry.


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