a newbi problem: can't find complete python curses library

Bill Pursell bill.pursell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 07:32:03 CET 2006

krishnakant Mane wrote:

> I will like to use the curses or ncurses library for the menus and the
> input forms with add, save, delete, update and cancel buttens.
> I also need to create drop down menus with a top level menu bar.
> I read a few articles about python wrapping curses but can't find some
> thing very comprehencive.
> my question is,
> does python possess a complete wrapper to ncurses and its related
> libraries like menu, panel and form?
> if yes then where can I find documentation?

Try section 14.11.2 of the library reference.


Bill Pursell

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