Is python for me?

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Mon Nov 13 18:24:38 CET 2006

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lennart <l.m.aangeenbrug at> wrote:
>I'm planning to learn a language for 'client' software. Until now, i
>'speak' only some web based languages, like php. As a kid i programmed
>in Basic (CP/M, good old days :'-) ) Now i want to start to learn a
>(for me) new computer language.
>I like Python. Its free, easy to learn and some favorite programs of my
>are written in Python / can understand Python (like OpenOffice) etc.
>But I'm not a full-time programmer. I know, that I've only time &
>possibility to learn one (= 1) language good. So i ask myself is python
>the language I'm looking for?
>In the future, i want to write the following applications:
>[*] A database driven program, which can handle my clients, tasks and
>places (= 3 tables, has to work relative with each other). I think,
>this isn't a problem for Python
>[*] As a photographer i like to build a picture management system (also
>db) with raw support. Raw is the raw-data from the sensor of the
>camera. My questions:
>- can python encode raw?
>- can python head for a utility like dcraw?
>- or head for a utility like IrfanView (delphi?) or something like

Yes, Python is generally capable in all the roles you describe.
Perhaps most exciting, though, is that you can try out the
language yourself, TODAY, over the next few hours, and, in no
more time than that, get a realistic if limited idea how it's
likely to work for you.  With the right introduction <URL: > you can be coding usefully in
Python very quickly.

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