Programmatically finding "significant" data points

Philipp Pagel pDOTpagel at
Tue Nov 14 15:21:27 CET 2006

erikcw <erikwickstrom at> wrote:
> I have a collection of ordered numerical data in a list.  The numbers
> when plotted on a line chart make a low-high-low-high-high-low (random)
> pattern.  I need an algorithm to extract the "significant" high and low
> points from this data.

I am not sure, what you mean by 'ordered' in this context. As
pointed out by Jeremy, you need to find an appropriate statistical test.
The appropriateness depend on how your data is (presumably) distributed
and what exactly you are trying to test. E.g. do te data pints come from
differetn groupos of some kind? Or are you just looking for extreme
values (outliers maybe?)?

So it's more of statistical question than a python one.


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