SE 2.3 temporarily unavailable. Cheese shop defeats upload with erratic behavior. Urgently requesting help.

jim-on-linux inq1ltd at
Thu Nov 2 16:20:31 CET 2006


I've been trying to get back into my package in 
the Cheese Shop for over a year. The phone 
company changed my e:mail address and to make a 
long and frustrating story short I can't get back 
into the Cheese Shop to make changes to my file.

Time is money.  At some time you have to consider 
if it is worth it.  At least you have the name of 
your program listed.

I wish I could be more helpfull. I'll watch the 
responses you get from others.

Good Luck,

On Thursday 02 November 2006 09:00, you wrote:
> Some time ago I had managed to upload a small
> package to the Cheese Shop using the data entry
> template. Uploading is in two steps: first the
> text then the package file. When I had a new
> version it went like this: The new text made a
> new page, but the new file went to the old
> page. The old page then had both files and all
> attempts at uploading the new file to the new
> page failed with the error message that a file
> could not be uploaded if it was already there.
> So I let it go and handed out the url of the
> old page, figuring that given the choice of two
> versions, picking the latest one was well
> within the capabilities of anyone. One
> downloader just now made me aware that the new
> version had misspelled extensions 'PY'. They
> should be lower case. So I fixed it an tried to
> exchange the file. One hour later I have three
> text pages, headed V2,2beta, V2,2beta/V2.3  and
> V2.3. The first (oldest) page has the old
> package file. The two other pages have no
> files. The new version package is gone,
> because, prior to re-uploading I was asked to
> delete it. The re-upload fails on all three
> pages with the message: 'Error processing form,
> invalid distribution file'. The file is a zip
> file made exactly the way I had made and
> uploaded the ones before. I am banging my real
> head against the proverbial wall. This thing
> definitely behaves erratically and I see no
> alternative other than to stop banging and go
> to the gym to take my anger out at machines and
> when I come back in an hour, I wish a kind,
> knowledgeable soul will have posted some good
> advice on how to vanquish such stubborn
> obstinacy. I have disseminated the url and the
> thought that someone might show up there and
> not find the promised goods make me really
> unhappy. Until such time as this upload is
> made, I will be happy to send SE-2.3 out off
> list by request.
> Infinite thanks
> Frederic

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