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Jordan Greenberg greenbergj at NOSPAMwit.edu
Mon Nov 27 07:47:32 CET 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> Jordan Greenberg <greenbergj at NOSPAMwit.edu> writes:
>> john.smith at nowhere.com wrote:
>>> This is a test message, please ignore.
>> I could do that, but reminding you that test messages go in *.test
>> groups is way more fun.
> I'm betting that the test message was to the Python mailing list, not
> a Usenet group. Unlike for Usenet, where being able to send a message
> to one newsgroup is a strong indication that most others will also
> work, a test message to one mailing list says very little about
> ability to send messages to other mailing lists.

Ahh. This is true, and I have been shamed for forgetting that
Python-list mirrors c.l.p. Apologies to the OP. Though also when posting
to a mailing list, IMHO, one can assume that it'll be received so long
as one's outgoing mail is functional, which can be tested without
actually mailing the list.

My bad,

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