Python v PHP: fair comparison?

bruce bedouglas at
Thu Nov 16 00:29:46 CET 2006

ummm bruno...

you don't 'need' apache to run php.

in fact, although i'm from the old hard c/c++ world.... way before web apps,
i haven't really found much for most general apps (not ui/not threaded
stuff) that php can't do..


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walterbyrd a écrit :
> Bjoern Schliessmann wrote:
>>walterbyrd wrote:
>>>- PHP has a lower barrier to entry
>>Which kind of barrier do you mean -- syntax, availability, ...?
> Putting php into a web-site is as easy as throwing some php code into a
> my html file, and maybe giving the file a php extension. I can get php
> hosting for $10 a year easy.
> This may not be what you want for a major developement project,

Not even for a minor one. While one can write not-trivial applications
in PHP, the kind of work this requires would greatly benefit from a real
programming language (vs a Q&D web scripting language).

> but the
> barrier to entry is very low.
Ok. This observation is very specific to web development. Python is a
general purpose programming language. And from this POV, it's IMHO much
easier to learn. And not only because you don't need Apache to use it.

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