Python development time is faster.

cyberco cyberco at
Tue Nov 21 21:56:19 CET 2006

The wicked experience I have when writing Python code is that the
number of lines is like a YoYo. First I write my code, quick and dirty.
But then I discover a way to some things with less code while making it
even more readable, so I replace 10 lines with the new 5 lines. Then I
discover some new cool function Python offers that I can use and add it
to my application. But, of course, then again I discover that it can be
done better and simpler. Etcetera.

The cool thing about Python is a tool that perfectly fits every stage
of this writing process (from scribbling to architecting), while it
stimulates you to write "good, clean and wholesome code". And it has
this unbelievable amount of nuggets hidden under the surface!


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