How good is CORBA?

Ravi Teja webraviteja at
Mon Nov 27 21:36:31 CET 2006

On Nov 21, 11:20 am, "Sai Krishna M" <saikris... at> wrote:
> there are certainly client/server interactions.

But are they cross-language interactions?

This is how I would choose to distribute code.
Same machine, all in Python - organize in modules in Python path.
Different machines, all in Python - Pyro
Different machines, different languages, stateless calls, simple use -
Different machines, different languages, stateless calls, more complex
requirements - SOAP
Different machines, different languages, statelful, typed - CORBA
(omniORB is the best bet at Python end)

A lot of the CORBA folks have been mad with ICE because it is subtly
discrediting CORBA while not being a standard. It is cleaner, comes
with good documentation, supports more languages than any single ORB
(however you are stuck with only those languages that ZeroC implements
support for). For simple apps, I would stick with omniORBPy. It is not
any more complicated than ICE. While ICE is simpler on the whole, you
will likely use only a fraction of the CORBA/ICE feature set. So the
difference won't necessarily show.

I like my tools to be simple. Lately, I have been happily using JSON
over HTTP.

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