Simple text parsing gets difficult when line continues to next line

Jacob Rael jacob.rael at
Tue Nov 28 18:59:41 CET 2006


I have a simple script to parse a text file (a visual basic program)
and convert key parts to tcl. Since I am only working on specific
sections and I need it quick, I decided not to learn/try a full blown
parsing module. My simple script works well until it runs into
functions that straddle multiple lines. For example:

  Call mass_write(&H0, &HF, &H4, &H0, &H5, &H0, &H6, &H0, &H7, &H0,
&H8, &H0, _
                &H9, &H0, &HA, &H0, &HB, &H0, &HC, &H0, &HD, &H0, &HE,
&H0, &HF, &H0, -1)

I read in each line with:

for line in open(fileName).readlines():

I would line to identify if a line continues (if line.endswith('_'))
and concate with the next line:

line = line + nextLine

How can I get the next line when I am in a for loop using readlines?


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