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I tried ironpython, when it worked it worked rather well. There were a
couple of things I didn't like about it which was enough for me not to
use it. If the program broke ie array out of bounds or some other run
time error vs would crash and restart with the debugger still attached
to another proccess which forced me to close out vs and restart it.
That was the major issue I ran into. Other than that it worked out
really well with intellisense and debug capablities.

Sells, Fred wrote:
> since you're using .net, you might want to take a look at IronPython.  It's
> not something I use, but I've heard good things.
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> I am currently going to school at Utah Valley State College, the course
> that I am taking is analysis of programming languages. It's an upper
> division course but our teacher wanted to teach us python as part of
> the course, he spent about 2 - 3 weeks on python which has been good. I
> currently work with .net and it is fun to see what other languages have
> and what sytax they use.
> Paul McGuire wrote:
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> > >I have a simple assignment for school but am unsure where to go. The
> > > assignment is to read in a text file, split out the words and say which
> > > line each word appears in alphabetical order. I have the basic outline
> > > of the program done which is:
> > >
> >
> > And in general, this is one of the best "can anyone help me with my
> > homework?" posts I've ever seen.
> > A. You told us up front that it was your homework.
> > B. You made an honest stab at the solution before posting, and posted the
> > actual code.
> > C. You ended with some specific questions on things that didn't work or
> that
> > you wanted to improve.
> >
> > Your current program looks like at least A- material.  Add use of sorted
> and
> > enumerate, and handle that exception a little better, and you're getting
> > into A+ territory.
> >
> > Out of curiosity, what school are you attending that is teaching Python,
> and
> > under what course of study?
> >
> > -- Paul
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