Graph Data Structures

John Machin sjmachin at
Sun Nov 26 00:04:52 CET 2006

Nathan Harmston wrote:
> > >
> This was working for me earlier, I managed to get everything from
> there earlier. It seems a very good package. It seems theres more out
> there than what I had thought, which unfortunately makes it harder for
> me to decide what to use (pynetwork and bgl look useful aswell). I m
> going to do some testing on it later and see what happens with it.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Has anyone got an idea how I could split the contents of a node and
> its representation (to save memory in my graph). ie.... the nodes
> contain the start and end coordinates and id and the actual
> representation contains the string. I was going to have :
> class Node(object):
>     pass
> class Section(Node):
>     pass
> class Item(object):
>    pass
> Where section contains a slice of the Item which im interested. I m
> just not sure how I can access the contents of item without storing
> it. ---> If u get what I mean???

No. Not at all. "pass" is not very informative. Neither are
"representation" and "the string". Please tell us what you mean by
"slice". What is an "item", if it's not a "node"? Try listing out the
attributes of a node, with a couple of sample values for each, and then
we might get a clue.

What makes you think that you need to save memory?

What makes you think that you could save memory by splitting whatever
it is?


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