Python in sci/tech applications

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Fri Nov 3 14:29:50 CET 2006

robert wrote:
> When one follows ..
> ..this seems only to cover the immediate python dll issues. What happens 
> with the C runtime libraries? You'll bind 2 different C-RTLs (DLLs) 
> etc.? And what happens for example with heap objects created with one 
> C-RTL and deleted/free'd with the other?

As far as I understand, there should be only one runtime library
involved. MinGW relies on the Microsoft runtime. It seems some
people have had problems using MSVCRT71 with MinGW, but I'm sure
that e.g. the Enthought people can explain those issues, since they
bundle MinGW in their Python 2.4 distribution.

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