to ask an container instance to suicide jm.suresh at
Mon Nov 20 10:42:22 CET 2006

 I have containers to hold geometrical objects. The members in these
containers can again be containers them self. Now, In the program I
would be moving objects from one container to another. In this process,
If the number of members in one of the containers becomes just one, I
want to delete that container and have only its only member in place of
it in the parent container.
 I have implemented setting and getting the container members using

Right now, I am planning to do this this way:
 Maintain a reference to parent container in each container.
 When the condition is detected, do self.parent.deleteObject(self) .

def deleteObject(self,memberId):
   index = self._members.index(memberId)
   self._members[index] = memberId._members[0]
   del memberId

Will this work. Or is there any other simple way to do this?

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