ANN: Pyflix-0.1

George Sakkis george.sakkis at
Mon Nov 27 06:05:02 CET 2006

Hi there,

I'm happy to announce Pyflix, a small Python package that provides an
easy entry point for those wishing to get up and running at the Netflix
Prize competition ( For those who are not
aware of it, the Netflix Prize challenge is to write a recommendation
algorithm that improves the accuracy of predictions about how much
someone is going to love a movie based based on their past ratings.
Netflix offers $1,000,000 (one million dollars) to the first team that
provides an algorithm that outperforms Cinematch (TM), the movie
recommendation system developed by Netflix, by 10% or more; there's
also a $50,000 Progress Prize awarded to the team with the most
improvement over the previous year's accuracy.

Pyflix requires Python 2.4 or later and Numpy 1.0. It combines an
efficient storage scheme with a high-level API that allows contestants
to focus on the real problem, the recommendation system algorithm.

You may download Pyflix and find more about it at

Enjoy and good luck!


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