range syntax

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Sun Nov 12 14:36:39 CET 2006

In article <mailman.2097.1163257772.11739.python-list at python.org>,
Colin J. Williams <cjw at sympatico.ca> wrote:
>Your point about iterators is well taken, but it seems that the range is 
>used sufficiently frequently that some syntactic form would be helpful.
>Colin W.

A personal reaction:  part of the judgment guiding 
Python now and for some time in the past is a bias
toward NOT "multiplying entities".  I believe Guido
and his lieutenants think in terms of, "if a syntax
*might* be helpful, leave it out; only if it's
compelling/necessary/... do we change the language."

Perhaps you know this already.  In any case, Python
leadership is wary that pursuit of local
optimizations--like your range suggestion--can
damage global prospects for the language.

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