Is python for me?

lennart l.m.aangeenbrug at
Mon Nov 13 21:08:43 CET 2006

dakman at schreef:

> As stated above python is capable of all those things, however on
> larger applications like that it can tend to slow down a bit. And the
> executables do need a little bit of work, because it's bassicly a dll
> and a library of all your .pyc files. However python is still a great
> language and I would recomend it. And most of these things will
> probably be fixed in Python 3000!
>> <<snip>>
> > Python very quickly.

Can you define 'large'? Is that large in code, or large in database? I
don't know which database is supported. If its a external db, like
MySql, the query is performed through the software of MySql, am I
right? If I'm correct, the 'slowness' comes from the amount of code in
python itself, not from the database.

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