RAW network programming under Windows

sturlamolden sturlamolden at yahoo.no
Mon Nov 6 00:29:08 CET 2006

billie wrote:

> RAW network programming under Windows it's not always possible because
> of the security limitations that microsoft introduced in the latest
> Windows versions and that affects WinSocket API.
> On UNIX systems I'm able to freely send raw packets (for example I'm
> able to compile IP packets with a src address defined by me) through
> raw socket API, but if I do the same on a Windows system socket module
> raises an error.

You can try to install "Windows Services for Unix 3.5" (aka SFU 3.5).
It transforms your Windows into a certified UNIX (not just a Unix
clone). SFU 3.5 has a full BSD socket API (derived from OpenBSD), not
just Winsock. As the POSIX subsystem in SFU 3.5 is not layered on top
of the Win32 subsystem, but talks directly to the NT kernel,
restrictions in Winsock should not affect the BSD sockets in SFU 3.5.
This behaviour is different from e.g. Cygwin, where the "Unix APIs" are
layered on top of the Win32 subsystem.

In any case, I hope you are aware that spoofing IP packets gives you
bad karma.

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