Python v PHP: fair comparison?

Olexandr Melnyk omelnyk at
Wed Nov 15 00:04:22 CET 2006

2006/11/15, Larry Bates <larry.bates at>:
> For the most part you wouldn't ever thing about writing data
> conversion programs, GUI applications, Windows services, COM+ objects,
> Linux daemons, simple scripts, socket server/client applications,
> etc. in PHP (but all can be done in Python).  Web apps are just one of
> the many applications that Python can tackle.  PHP is normally
> relegated to dynamic web page creation and database interfacing of
> a web application.  I've never seen it promoted as a language
> that can be used to develop a standalone non-web browser based
> application (but I'm sure someone will tell me that it can be used
> that way ;-).
Yes, it can.

> > I'd be surprised if there was more demand for PHP developers
> > than Python developers.  Google lists 51 PHP jobs and 168
> > Python jobs in their internal jobs database (I just did a
> > quick search).

> Yes, but Google is the company that hired Guido, and that does most of
> it's dev in python.

Yes, Python is number 3 language at Google, so it explains the numbers a

> PHP has a lower barrier to entry

I don't think so. Python has more intuitive syntax for beginners and is one
of the best choices for the first programming language to pick up.

Olexandr Melnyk,
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