Pimping the 'cgi' module

robert no-spam at no-spam-no-spam.invalid
Fri Nov 24 17:17:29 CET 2006

Thomas Guettler wrote:
> Christoph Haas wrote:
> ...
>> Oh, yeah. I just joined the Web SIG and found out that WSGI
>> seems the way
>> to go.
> ...
> I don't want a standard, i want *one* implementation. In the
> Java world, there are a lot of standards and N*standards 
> implementations. In the end you have the opposite of what
> a standard should give you: Bad interopability.
> One implemantation (which is in the standard library) would
> be the right coice. But what could I do? (I am not a python
> core developer)? I could only create a new web framework.
> And that's why there are so many.
> I hope Guido (or someone else who can do this) will decide to choose one
> soon. 

yes. this talking about formation of somewhat a standardization gremium within some years etc. is not the task.
There is enough base material. There are guys who have an overview of what is good. There are guys who know the details.
A decision call from the inner circle for an actual (probably joint) implementation is necessary.

Regarding the python-on..-"framework" the greatest danger would be, to make it too big. ( its not about full replacement of the existing big packages )


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