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Actually when you create the project from wxDesigner, the "main" will
also be generated for you ... then you include the correct files in
eclipse (note that one file never needs to be edited ... like glade).

I went for wxDesigner years ago when wxglade was fairly unstable ...
have not tested it lately.

wxDesigner has its own editor (so you can say it is a complete
environment) ... but I only use it to automatically generate classes,
events ... as eclipse+pydev bring much more to the picture.

I really do not regret the expense.

PS: wxDesigner will also generate code for other languages (never tried)
 : c++, c#, perl
PPS: I'm not getting any money from them  ;-)


king kikapu wrote:
> I didn't know about this product you mention (wxDesigner).
> I download the trial and it seems pretty good, reminds me the wxGlade.
> So you make the GUI in this, generate Python code and import the module
> on your main project and reference it respectively ??
> On Nov 22, 4:58 pm, hg <h... at> wrote:
>> king kikapu wrote:
>>> I have already downloaded and seen the trial of Komodo Professional.
>>> Indeed it has a simple Gui Builder but one can only use TKinter on it.
>>> No wxWidgets support and far from truly RAD, but it is the only
>>> "integrated"
>>> GUI builder in these IDEs...
>>> On Nov 22, 4:31 pm, "Steve" <s... at> wrote:
>>>> I haven't used it but Komodo (Professional version) says it has:
>>>> ActiveState GUI Builder (Komodo Professional only)
>>>> Enhance your applications with GUI dialogs: Simple, Tk-based dialog
>>>> builder with seamless round-trip integration, for Perl, Python, Ruby,
>>>> and Tcl.I do a lot of GUI programming with wxPython.
>> I find that switching from desktop 1 (Eclipse/PyDev) to desktop 2
>> (wxDesigner) becomes a reflex quite quickly ... even under Windows
>> thanks to virtuawin ( - both packages
>> also are smart enough to notice when an open file has been modified
>> elsewhere.
>> I also program in Visual-Studio and overall do not find the RAD/IDE
>> integration that much more convenient.
>> Also, I generally get the job done in wxDesigner at the beginning of the
>> project, and seldom have to get back into it to twick the interface.
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