Python v PHP: fair comparison?

John Bokma john at
Thu Nov 16 19:35:52 CET 2006

James Cunningham <jameshcunningham at> wrote:

> On 2006-11-16 12:46:05 -0500, "walterbyrd" <walterbyrd at> said:
>> James Cunningham wrote:
>>> Nope. It disproves your assertion that "certainly all of the lower
>>> priced hosters" use Apache 1.3.
>> Okay, where can I get Python and Apache 2.X for $10 a year?
> Frankly, I can't find *anybody* who advertises hosting for <= $10 a 
> year - the cheapeast I can find is $18 - and such a plan would be too 
> limited for me to consider anyway. : $12/year, without domain name of course. Not sure on 
Apache version or Python, but the guy who runs it is extremely helpful and 

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