Python development time is faster.

Sells, Fred fred at
Mon Nov 20 17:04:11 CET 2006

My experience is that developing apps that use significant external
libraries (like GUI's) benefit from a 90% reduction in the lines of code

Like others have said, not writing tons of framework before you can code the
real problem is a significant benefit.

My design goals are for a method to be <10 lines of code and a class
definition to fit on one printed page (ok, 10pt font ;). I don't always
achieve these goals, but more often than not.

In order to achieve these goals, I seldom comment and rely on long function
names and clear variable names.  Perhaps that's a bad thing, but I've found
that the comments were always obsolete when I picked up someone else's code,
then they just got in the way.

Finally coding in python is fun, if it's fun, it's easier.  If it's easier,
you get more done...

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