pyRTF and Footers

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at
Thu Nov 16 00:52:27 CET 2006

At Wednesday 15/11/2006 20:08, E.Doxtator at wrote:

>I've been using the pyRTF module to generate some documents that I need
>for work.  In general, the module is good, and pretty simple to use.
>However, I am running into a problem with footers that doesn't quite
>make sense to me.

First, I don't use pyRTF. The app sketch and code snippet you have 
posted look reasonable.
At least using Word, you can configure a page footer for each section 
in the document, so I think it should be posible.
If you don't get the output you want, it may be a bug in the module, 
you are using it in the wrong way, the feature is unsupported, etc. 
but most likely not a bug in Python itself. So a better place to ask 
would be... well, it appears there is no better place except asking 
the author directly :)

(BTW, thanks for pointing me towards pyRTF - it may be useful, so 
I'll give it a try...)

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