Python tools for managing static websites?

Florian Diesch diesch at
Sat Nov 4 19:08:12 CET 2006

"Chris Pearl" <chrispearl at> wrote:

> Are there Python tools to help webmasters manage static websites?
> I'm talking about regenerating an entire static website - all the HTML
> files in their appropriate directories and sub-directories. Each page
> has some fixed parts (navigation menu, header, footer) and some
> changing parts (body content, though in specific cases the normally
> fixed parts might change as well). The tool should help to keep site
> editing DRY every piece of data, including the recurring parts, should
> exist only once.

Tahchee <> 

SUMMARY     = "Automated static and dynamic web site creation tool"             
DESCRIPTION = """\                                                              
Tahchee is a tool for developers and Web designers that makes it possible to    
easily build a static Web site using the Cheetah template system. It is used to 
fill in the gap between bare template and macro processing system and dynamic   
template-based Web sites. It acts both as a build system (à la "make") as well  
as an extension to the Cheetah template that makes it really easy to build small
to medium-sized sites. It is ideal for writing open source project or small     
company Web sites.\                                                             


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