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Mon Nov 20 16:50:09 CET 2006

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> Hi list!
> I was designing a GUI App using BOA Constructor. I have designed the
> User Interface.However I cannot figure out how do i add the event
> handling code to the buttons and other controls

Note the following is from using Boa on Windows, I presume its 
the same on *nix but I've never tried it.

When you are editing your window/frame/dialog, select the item 
you whan to add a handler too,

Then in the left hand pane (the "Inspector") select the events 
("Evts") tab, at the top of this there are 2 lists if you select 
something from the left (say "MouseEvent") you will get a list
on the right of all the events in this category that the control 
can handle, double click on one to add a handler for that event.

Remeber to save you changes by clicking the tick button.

and now an empty event handler should have been added to the end
of the class Boa created for you.

To add menu events you need to be editing the menu in the Data
designer (a tab in the "Editor" panel when in Design mode).

Note that on Windows there is a green help icon on the top row of 
the top panel, this opens a help file with a tutorial which is 
probably worth going through.


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