XML blooming

Paddy paddy3118 at netscape.net
Thu Nov 30 06:35:27 CET 2006

(That is bloom as in http://www.wmhelp.com/xmlpad2.htm ;-)

Suddenly, OK, over a number of months, our design environment at work
has sprouted a wealth of XML configuration files, DTD's etc. The time
has come when I need to loose my XML cherry.
So , I guess I need to learn Elementtree.

In supporting our design environment I think I will need
 1) An editor that can read in a DTD or XML Schema Definition, (XSD),
as well as an XML file, and help me to write conforming XML.
 2) A tool to extract an XSD from XML examples.

Hmm, I'm also thinking about a Python project along the lines of
something that could translate between the world of the Traits package
(http://code.enthought.com/traits/), and XSD/DTD/XML. Has anyone done
this before? 

Thanks in advance, Paddy.

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