Vim scripts for editing Python?

Rainy ak at
Tue Nov 21 15:05:47 CET 2006

Bill Pursell wrote:
> Rainy wrote:
> > Hi, did anyone make a good set of scripts for editing Python in Vim? I
> > know there is one on but it isn't very advanced. thx..
> What functionality are you looking for?

For example, to auto-fold all function bodies while leaving the
function names visible. To indent after ':' but only when it's at the
end of line. Also to auto-close braces like [], (), {}, autoclose
quotes. Complete all standard lib module functions, and imported
functions. I don't exactly remember how much of this was done by the
script that is posted on I recall it was missing some things
and some others it had didn't work exactly right at all times.. But
that was a while ago.

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