Has anyone generated Open Office Calc XML files from python

vj vinjvinj at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 19:32:37 CET 2006

>      http://ooopy.sourceforge.net/

I downloaded the package. unfortunately there are no examples that come
with. I found another python package which is more geared to creating
simple calc objects from python at. Apparently it is a port of the perl


Here is one of the examples from the library. Seems pretty simple and
exactly what I was looking for:

import ooolib

# Create your document
doc = ooolib.Calc()

# Set values.  The values are set in column, row order, but the values
# not in the traditional "A5" style format.  Instead we require two
# set_cell_value(col, row, datatype, value)
for row in range(1, 9):
	for col in range(1, 9):
		doc.set_cell_value(col, row, "float", col * row)

# Save the document to the file you want to create


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