Exploiting Dual Core's with Py_NewInterpreter's separated GIL ?

robert no-spam at no-spam-no-spam.invalid
Sat Nov 4 14:53:44 CET 2006

GHUM wrote:
> robert,
>> Interprocess communication is tedious and out of questio
> [...]
>> I expect to be able to directly push around Python Object-Trees between the 2 (or more) interpreters by doing some careful locking.
> Please do yourself a favour and have a look at pyro. pyro makes
> InterComputer and InterProcess Communication a snap. And it allows you
> to push around Python Objects not only between processes, but
> computers.
> Maybe it solves your problem much easier and even more than you want to
> solve it now by being able to use more then one computer.

another MPI - pickles and worse on the network :-(   Havy networked batch jobs were never a problem with Python. Thats what I want to go away from. Read the rest of this thread. Discussion is about in-place object tunnel for fine grained high-speed SMP multi-threading ("memory bus")

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